Environmental and (eco)toxicological Omics and Epigenetics: Science, Technology and Regulatory Applications

Abstract submission

Please note that the abstract submission is closed. 

The scientific programme consists of 6 sessions. Have a look at the descriptions before submitting your abstract:

Session 1: Microbial genomics and metagenomics

Session 2: Evolutionary and ecological omics

Session 3: (Eco)toxicological omics

Session 4: Epigenetics in ecology and (eco)toxicology: science and technology

Session 5: Transgenerational and epigenetic effects of chemicals

Session 6: Poster abstracts only! Epigenetics in risk assessment: Academia, industry and  regulator perspectives

Companies who wish to put their omics and/or epigenetics technologies or instruments in the spotlight are also invited to submit an abstract for a poster or platform presentation, provided that these presentations address scientific questions (e.g. method development/optimization, application of technologies to ecological, environmental or (eco)toxicological research themes in line with the meeting sessions). Merely advertising the technologies is not possible within the scientific sessions, but advertising options are provided here. Submissions to any session are welcome, but we highlight the possibility to submit an abstract of this kind to session 5, which has a particular focus on technology.


  1. The title should be no longer than 200 characters, while the abstract is limited to 2500 characters (INCLUDING SPACES).
  2. All presentations will be in English and abstract must also be in English.
  3. Abstract must not promote a commercial product, process, or service.
  4. Abstract should be clear and well written.
  5. Authors should comply with instructions and deadlines provided with the call for abstracts.       
  6. Information in the abstract should not have been previously published or presented.
  7. By submitting an abstract you are agreeing to and understand that all presenters must pay for registration and attend the meeting.Take advantage of the early bird rates which are valid until 8 August; late registration closes 1 September.
  8. By submitting your abstract you agree with the Copyrights and Presenter Responsibilities
  9. By submitting your abstract, you agree with the meeting Code of Conduct. 


Make sure you have read the guidelines above.

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For questions about abstracts and scientific programme please contact roel.evens@setac.org