Environmental and (eco)toxicological Omics and Epigenetics: Science, Technology and Regulatory Applications

Our Scientific Programme and Daily Schedule 



Find our programme for plenary presentations and daily schedule:

Monday 12 September
Tuesday 13 September
Wednesday 14 September
Thursday 15 September


Find our programme for poster presentations here. 

Note that all poster sessions run from Monday 12 to Thursday 15 September.




Have a look at the abstracts per plenary session:

  •        Opening address
  •        Session 1: Microbial genomics and metagenomics
  •        Session 2: Evolutionary and ecological omics
  •        Session 3: (Eco)toxicological omics
  •        Session 4: Epigenetics in ecology and (eco)toxicology: science and technology
  •        Session 5: Transgenerational and epigenetic effects of chemicals
  •        Session 6: Epigenetics in risk assessment: academia, industry and regulator perspective


Have a look at the abstracts for poster presentations.

For any questions about the scientific programme, please contact roel.evens@setac.org.